Standard Machines Inc. Overview

Total Versatility!! Pad Printers and more....

Our machine division, Standard Machines, Inc. (SMI), is the originator of the building block (modular) approach for pad printing equipment. For example, our rotary table with three print heads can run as a 3 color printer or a 2 color printer and a separate one color printer by merely spinning one of the print heads around.


The larger machines can be equipped with 4 or 5 color pad shuttle system. What is unique about this is that the part does not move and the printing is done in the center print position unlike the others that move the part down linear indexes and print off the sides of printers. The SMI concept eliminates deflection and distortion of the print.

We are the only US OEM of Industrial pad printing equipment (designed by us and built by us in our facility) with everything you need to ensure your success. If you are fed up with other major suppliers cutting support services and take forever to respond to your immediate needs give us a call and experience customer service as it should be. One call, one email with your questions is all you will need for a prompt response

In addition to printing machines, we can also design machines for other applications, such as our drumstick machine (see video galley).

Check out our video gallery to see our machines in action.

SMI Brochures

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