Special Additives

Below are specific details regarding recommended percentages, when to use certain additives plus more. On each individual ink series page there are recommendations for solvents, hardeners etc. These are listed as the best possible starting point for reaching good printing results. However, as seasons change and temperature and humidity levels rise and fall you may see the need to adjust your type and/or level of thinner. For more information on this topic please call to speak with a technician.

100-VR-1075 Primer

This product is used as a pre-wipe to clean or pre-treat parts prior to printing. Typical applications include removing mold release or raising surface tension of polyolefines (in lieu of flame or corona treat).

100-VR-1194 Matte Powder

This product may be added to any Ruco ink to achieve a matte or satin finish. To use, weigh 3-4% separately in a mixing container. Add the desired thinner and mix to create a paste, then add the paste to your ink and stir thoroughly. Higher percentages will yield a more matte appearance.

100-VR-1241 Anti-Static Thinner

Add 1-5% by weight to ink to reduce or eliminate static. This product uses as a base carrier a fast drying reducer similar in drying properties to 38571.

100-VR-1260 Adhesion Modifier for solvent based ink

This product may be added to conventional inks at 10-20% by weight to increase the cured ink films hardness and improve the inks adhesion to marginally pre-treated polyolefines.

100-VR-133 Flow Agent

This product may be added to any ink at 1-3% by weight to decrease foaming/bubbling or to reduce moiré patterns in ink films.