Metallic Inks

Metallic Pastes and Powders for Use with Any RUCO Ink Series

All Ruco Ink Series include standard pre-mixed metallic shades of silver and gold. The Ruco 360-RS gold and silver pastes offer additional color shades including high-brilliancy metallics.

Each ink series includes a Bronze Varnish that can be mixed with any 360-RS paste or powder to achieve special effect metallic shades. The typical mix ratio for solvent based inks is 65% Bronze Varnish to 35% paste, while the UV inks are typically mixed at 85% Bronze Varnish to 15% paste.


Brilliant Silver Paste: 360-RS-4058pantone-metallics

The most brilliant metallic available in a pad or screen printing ink for a finish that has replaced foil stamping in many cases with a less costly alternative direct print.

May be mixed with the bronze varnish of ANY Ruco ink series to deliver the brightest,most reflective surface available in a pad or screen printing ink. Typical mixture ratio is 10 parts bronze varnish to 1 part silver paste by weight. Level of silver paste may be increased up to 6:1 for even more dramatic an effect.

Silver Paste

360-RS-4020 Silver similar to a Pantone 877c

Gold Pastes

360-RS-4013 Pale Gold similar to a Pantone 871c
360-RS-4041 Rich Gold similar to a Pantone 873c

Custom Colors matched to Pantone Metallic Colors are available upon request