Sony Green Partner

A.M. Ramp & Co GmbH, known as RUCO Druckfarben, has been awarded the SONY Green Partner Certificate. Following earlier environmental certifications in compliance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 and 14001:1996 as well as the EMAS-certified environmental system, this is another important step towards RUCO's corporate philosophy of reconciling high-quality products with environmentally compatible production processes and materials.

The SONY Corporation introduced the Green Partner Environmental Quality Approval Program as part of its environmental activities aimed at maintaining and improving the environmental safety and quality of all components and materials that are distributed worldwide in SONY products. This means that each Green Partner (and only those will be accepted as SONY suppliers) has to meet the Sony imposed standards and demands for the products delivered to Sony. These go far beyond legal regulations concerning the limitation and prohibition of environmentally hazardous materials.