About RUCO Inks

Comdec, Inc. has been the Exclusive North American Importer of all RUCO Printing Inks for 26 years. Effective August 1, 2009, through mutual agreement, all UV ink products will now be sold directly from Ruco USA, Ruco's own distribution center in Chicago IL. Comdec will remain your supplier for all Ruco’s Solvent Based Ink products. This has been done in an effort to better serve each special market segment.

For Solvent Based Printing Ink information, please see Solvent-based Inks on the Comdec, Inc. web site or call 978-462-3399.

For UV Printing Ink information, please go directly to Ruco USA’s web site at www.rucousa.com, call 866-373-7912 or email Jeff [DOT] Morris [AT] rucousa [DOT] com.

RUCO Inks are used successfully in almost every imaginable industrial printing application including:Ruco Inks

  • compact discs
  • consumer electronics
  • appliances
  • cosmetic and personal care packaging
  • automotive parts
  • medical devices
  • flat glass
  • mirrors
  • furniture glass
  • glass and ceramic beverage containers
  • promotional items
  • and much more.