Two component pad and screen printing ink for extreme resistance applications on metal and some plastics

Versatile two component ink for screen printing on acrylic glass, lacquered surfaces, metal, pre-treated polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP).

This glossy, physically drying and chemical reactive screen printing ink exhibits very high mechanical and chemical resistance, as well as a good flexibility. The color shades of 380 DD are weather resistant and guarantee high opacity. A special product test is recommended prior to production.

The basic ink mixing system of series 380-DD consists of 12 basic colors (G scale) and can be used to mix a wide range of shades, including 22 standard opaque, ready to print colors. Practically tested mixing formulas are available for many different color standards, e.g. Pantone®, HKS, RAL, NCS etc.

Usage Instructions

Pad Printing: Add 15-20% 38571 Thinner and 50% 37172 Hardener
Screen Printing: Add 15-20% #11 Retarder and 50% 37172 Hardener
Curing: Heat at 300°F for 15 minutes

Please allow 24 hours for complete post-cure.