Comdec Contract Printing


Comdec offers a variety of contract printing options to meet your needs.

Outsourcing your printing needs is a very cost effective option, especially if you are hesitant about bringing an entire printing department in to your facility. Screen printing, pad printing, hot stamping, heat transfers and laser marking are available to fulfill your requirements .Comdec offers specialized services, such as three controlled environments within our 73,000 sq ft facility and pre-treatment for adhesion to polyethylene and polypropylene. Both corona, flame pre treatment and post cure systems are available. Silicone products are another area of our expertise. Choosing the correct or specified ink on a drawing is critical. Whether your adhesion criteria are autoclave, scratch resistance, or chemical resistance, Comdec follows strict guidelines to ensure our customers are satisfied.

SMI logoSMI Pad Printing Equipment

SMI offers the most advanced concepts in pad printing equipment.

Most often, critical tolerances are required in the medical device industries. Using programmable servo drives and pinning systems, our pad printing equipment holds extremely tight tolerances. Vision systems for either registration or inspection are options that can be programmed in to certain applications. Catheter tube printing (up to 110 centimeters) is performing with our sliding cup machines. Ability to print on four sides of a syringe barrel and multicolor customer logo machines are readily available.

RUCO logoRUCO Inks

Since 1983 we have been proud to be the Exclusive North American Importer of RUCO Printing Inks.

We carry the RUCO pad printing, screen printing and offset printing inks in conventional solvent-based formulations. RUCO Inks are used successfully in almost every imaginable industrial printing application. The newly developed T-40 ink is been designed with "M" pigments. These pigments are environmentally (green) friendly inks - no cyclohexanones in the ink. Safety, opacity and adhesion are the priorities with Ruco inks.

Digital Heat Transfers

Variable data digital heat transfers in both small or large quantities.

Variable data is needed in today's world. No more need to buy hundreds of thousands of labels when only one or a few are needed. We provide beautiful images in four color process, all digitally created with out the use of print plates screens or dies. Many companies that market their products with CDs or DVDs are now using digital heat transfers as their preferred labeling method.