Company Background

The co-founders of Comdec (contract printing) and original owners of Imtran pad/screen printing equipment, Steve Meredith and Ken Harris, initially met at another pad printing company in the early 1970's, where they worked as technicians and engineers.

Back then, they were teeming with ideas to improve pad printing and to take the "Black Magic," as it was called, out of pad printing. In 1977 they started their own company and quickly marketed their new ideas. The most notable of that time was the "Self-leveling Doctor Blade System," which greatly reduced the adjustment time of clearing (doctoring) the print plates.

Many innovations have taken place over the last 30 years, from PLC advancement to servo controllers to vision systems. Yet the biggest change to the process was the change from Doctor blade systems to closed ink well systems.

Steve and Ken believe strongly in customer support and always discuss the best and most cost-effective solution for the customer, whether it is purchasing a piece of printing equipment or contracting out the printing process.

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