Digital Heat Transfers Oveview

Comdec Inc. started out by supplying the CD/DVD industry with 4 color process and variable data heat transfers. However setting up for standard heat transfers by screen printing is expensive and requires large volume of one type of heat transfer in order to be cost effective. While this is fine for high volume printing jobs, such as music CDs and movie DVDs, it is too pricey for low volume jobs, such as training and marketing DVDs, which typically require between 500 and 25,000 transfers.

Now by using a specially configured 5-color-digital printer (cyan, magenta, yellow, black and white), jobs go direct from computer to press. This eliminates the need for plate making, reduces costs and shortens turnaround time.

Advantages of a Digital Heat Transfer

  • Produce as few as one transfer
  • Incorporate variable data, personalization or sequential numbering.
  • Outstanding photographic quality