Printing Solutions Overview

Different industries have different needs.

It's one of the lessons we've learned in three decades of satisfying customers and solving project challenges.

Some customers know what they want, and they want it fast. Others seek to consult with us on the best way to make a printed image look great, last long, or survive harsh environments. Still others have special documentation requirements, need white-room conditions, or need to print on materials that usually stick only to themselves.

Numerous products and materials have come across our desk that have taking some serious thought. Many times companies have called with problems that were more than just printing a flat part. One company had a clear dial indicator cover that need to be printed on the inside or reverse. The trick was that it had a lip about about 3/16 high and need to be printed right up to that lip. they heard over and over it couldn't be printed that close to the wall. It took a specially designed pad with a reverse draft on it and mad made it dual durometer to keep from distorting the print. What was the end result? Success!

As our expertise has grown, we have developed added expertise in the following areas. These are the broadest examples of course - if you don't see your product or industry here, call and ask!