Electronics Printing

The expertise we've developed in printing everything from small 3D objects to large flat panels makes us the decorating and marketing source for electronics and precision instruments.

The industrial design revolution of the past decade created all kinds of fabrication challenges for electronics manufacturers.

Curved surfaces, smaller items and new materials all call for innovation in printing and decorating.

Comdec works with manufacturers and molders to develop the best solutions. We know how to get a durable, clear, vibrant image on just about every surface. We also understand your timetables, quality requirements and marketing goals.

We've printed everything from PC cases and monitor bezels to protective lenses for cellphone LCD displays.

One customer needed an antenna surface printed with a grid of conductive ink, and we did it so that it looked good and performed to spec.

When Boston Acoustics needed their logo on a concave loudspeaker cover, we devised a special large silicone printing pad to do the job.

That's the attitude we bring to the table: the willingness to work with our customers to get results.