Baby-feeding Printing

Like medical devices, baby feeding systems present special challenges to the commercial decorator.Baby cup printing

Ink must adhere through repeated cycles of dishwasher cleaning and refrigerator temperatures without flaking, lifting, or scuffing. And of course, the colors must be bright and colorful - and non-toxic. Every piece, from the tenth, to the millionth, to the ten millionth, meets these standards.

Comdec is the leader in baby feeding products, a position we've earned through hard work and innovation. Companies like Johnson & Johnson, Playtex, and Evenflo come to us for reliable, high-quality printing on baby bottles, sippy cups, and specialty products for the infant through early-childhood markets.

We've fine-tuned every aspect of the process, leading to achievements like surviving the doubling, from 50 to 100 cycles, of an industry-standard test that alternately boils and freezes sample bottles. We keep abreast of industry standards for non-toxicity, adhesion, and abrasion resistance.