Value-added Services

Comdec's expert understanding of commercial decoration goes far beyond the basics. That's why we offer these additional services for the benefit of our customers:

Custom Tooling

Comdec maintains a staff of experienced engineers and craftspeople who excel in the craft of creating fixtures that are durable, yet easy to load and unload.

It's an acquired craft that improves with years of experience. We do it in-house to give our customers the price edge and necessary turnaround our customers require

Onsite Warehousing

Our spacious warehousing facilities offer just-in-time delivery - large lots of undecorated goods can be shipped to Comdec, and the decorated pieces can ship out in smaller quantities according to market schedules.

Comdec customers can buy larger quantities of undecorated goods without having to run the entire shipment through the decorating process at one time.

Comdec's Massachusetts plant includes 38,000 square feet of warehouse space, complete with high-volume material handling equipment and the professionals to run it. 20,000 square feet of warehouse are located in our North Carolina facility.

Complete Graphic Development Services

We are involved at the conceptual stage, ensuring that nothing early on in the project can cause problems down the road.

Hot Stamping

Call us to learn more about our hot stamping services and how they fit into your product development plans.


When decorating requirements require the presence of a label, we're ready - from artwork to application. Call us for complete details.


Final assembly by hand or machine can be quoted on a per-project basis. Call us for details.